This is where you’ll find everthing you need for an epic journey through the series, “What’s so amazing about Scripture?” Every episode features a video teaching, a devotional study guide with reflection questions, and a share-able post. If you’re journeying together with others, be sure to check out the Group Guide too.

01: The Bible’s Impact

Discover the ways the Bible has changed the world and promises to change yours.

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02: Metaphors for the Bible

Awaken your passion for Scripture by surveying the picture-filled promises God’s Word makes about itself.

03: The Divine Book

Fathom how God breathed out the words of Scripture and how this explains its power and authority.

04: The Human Book

Don’t make the mistake so many make: bleaching out the human elements in your understanding of Scripture.  

05: God’s Self-revelation Part 1

Thrill to the ways that God has not only revealed himself to all people, but also the first five ways he comes much closer to some.

06: God’s Self-revelation Part 2

Recognize that Scripture is not the result of humanity reaching up to God in curiosity, but God reaching down to us in grace.

07: The Bible Jesus Read Part 1

Comprehend the first five stages in the remarkable, winding seven-stage story that the Old Testament tells.

08: The Bible Jesus Read Part 2

Grasp the disruptive historical events that the complicated second half of the Old Testament weaves itself into.

09: Jesus and the First Church

Find out how the Bible reaches its highpoint in the Gospels, as well as the first five stages in the story of the New Testament.

10: Paul’s Mission and Letters

Make sense of the man who blazed a trail by foot and by ink that marks the world to this day.

11: The Final Letters and the Canon

Get wise to the final stage in the New Testament story, and the centuries-long recognition of its 27 books as inspired.

12: Copyists, Collectors, Text-Critics and Translators

Steep yourself in gratitude to the generations of people who make the Bible in your hands a possibility.

13: Find the Ancient Meaning

Learn the first question to ask of any passage in the Bible.

14: The Kinds of Genre

Detect the Bible’s ancient genres—after all, you wouldn’t read suspense, adventure, romance or science fiction in the same way.

15: The Author’s Intent

Get wise to why reading a text outside of its context may land you up being a con.

16: The Timeless Message

Use these seven digging tools to mine out what God might be saying to you in any and every biblical passage.

17: Clean your Lenses

Learn three ways to read your culture through the lens of Scripture, not Scripture through the lens of your culture.

18: A Trustworthy Book

Think over why the Bible is trustworthy and what it means that it is true.

19: A Truthful Book

A Truthful BookThink carefully, before declaring the Bible is “without error”, what you don’t mean by that.

20: Doubt your Doubts

Grapple with the four things in the Bible that make many doubt it’s really God’s book—genocide, slavery, sexuality and miracles.

21: Consider How You Listen

Become receptive—as powerful as the “seed” of Scripture may be, it’s effect in your life depends on your soil’s quality.

22: The Bible’s Impact

Have an aha moment to the power of hearing the Bible’s words read and preached as you sit side by side with others.

23: Read It and Study It Part 1

Absorb what you most need to know about reading the whole Bible and studying its parts.

24: Read It and Study It Part 2

Pick up four more tips to get to the bottom of what Scripture is saying.

25: Memorize and Reflect On It

Go beyond the analysis of Scripture—learn the two most important ways to let its roots go deeper into your heart.

26: Experience It

Be coached into some ways to plunge your heart into Scripture—by praying, singing, journalling and imagining it.

27: Pass The Baton

Discover the ways the Bible has changed the world and promises to change yours.

28: The Spirit and the Word

Ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes, to ignite a flame in your heart and to redirect your life on the paths of a transformed life.

29: Glimpses of the King

Discover how every page whispers Jesus’ name and how all the main themes, like bicycle spokes, converge on him as the axle.

30: Spread the Word

Too good to keep something like this to ourselves, find ways to share it with those who are near and dear, far and wide.

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