How God Sees Women


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“Terran Williams develops a meticulous case that shows God’s moral compass always points to the unity of men and women, in creation, in the church, and in Christ. A terrific resource for anyone wrestling with this topic.”
- Dr. Michael Bird, author of Evangelical Theology

“In a landmark book of our generation, Terran plumbs the depths of Scripture to reclaim the heights women (and men) are called to.”
- Starla and Dan Webster, senior pastors of City Lights, Dubai

“A compelling narrative of one dedicated theologian’s search for truth as well as a full-scale study in complementarian and egalitarian theologies and practices. ”
- Kadi Cole, author of Developing Female Leaders

“With his relentless and honest logic, I gained fresh insights as I read the evidence that compelled Williams to change his own view.”
- Dr. Craig Keener, editor of NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible

"What Lee Strobel did to atheism in writing The Case for Christ, Terran does here to complementarianism: making it an increasingly indefensible position for any who seek to be shaped by the evidence.”
- Dr. Katia Adams, senior pastor of The Table Boston, author of Equal

“Terran Williams takes us on a journey of theological, exegetical, and personal transformation. With an uncompromising commitment to the authority of Scripture, his conversational and engaging approach makes his complex research accessible.”
- Dr. Cynthia Westfall, author of Paul and Gender

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