How God Sees Women: Links to Sermon Series

The church leadership team I am part of asked me to bring a series of messages on the subject of gender-equality. That’s because one (two actually) of our church's values is as follows: "We value intergenerationality and gender equality.  God promised, “I...

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Was Priscilla a pastor? (Note: The Video above—created some time after the article below—is significantly different in content.) You can read the Bible for 20 years and miss...

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The Five Marks Group Bible Study Method

How can a group study any passage of the Bible together? In chapter 12 of What’s So Amazing About Scripture? I encourage small groups of people to study biblical passages together. Here is a simple method that develops The Swedish Bible Study Method for doing so with...

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How to Help a Child to Love God’s Word

In chapter 17 of What’s So Amazing About Scripture? I highlight the importance of each generation passing a love for Scripture on to the next generation. Elsewhere I write about parenting for people of all faiths and none. But here is something for parents of...

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Lectio Divina for Individuals and Groups

In chapter 13 of What’s So Amazing About Scripture? I explore an ancient way of reading the Bible that focuses attention on prayerfully listening to God and allowing him to transform us, called Lectio Divina. Here is how to engage in this practice on your own and...

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40 Bible Verses to Memorize

In chapter 14 of What’s So Amazing About Scripture? I encourage and equip you to memorize select verses. When people ask me to suggest which ones to memorize first, I give them this list that enables a person to celebrate and communicate the gospel of salvation, grasp...

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An Alternate Reading of James 2:14

In chapter 10 of What’s So Amazing About Scripture?, I argue that belief in the Bible’s truthfulness does not mean that our interpretations and translations are without error. We can be confident in the Bible’s infallibility, even while we are humbled by the fact our...

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A Case Study in the Forms of Timeless Truth

In chapter 8 of What's So Amazing About Scripture? I equip the Bible reader to ask what the timeless truths are in each passage by using this question, “Is there a principle to apply, example to follow, warning to heed, promise to believe, doctrine to grasp,[1] wisdom...

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