Week 1: Sunday Message

The Bible’s Impact. Discover the ways the Bible has changed the world and has the power to change yours.

Metaphors for the Bible. Awaken your passion for Scripture by surveying the picture-filled promises God’s Word makes about itself.

Week 1: Monday Personal Devo Video

The Divine Book. Fathom how God breathed out the words of Scripture and how this explains its power and authority.

Week 1: Wednesday Personal Devo Video

The Human Book. Don’t make the mistake so many make: bleaching out the human elements in your understanding of Scripture.

Week 1: Small Group Discussion

God’s Self-revelation Part 1. Find out how God has revealed some of himself to all people, and the surprising ways he comes much closer still.

Week 1: Friday Personal Devo Video

God’s Self-revelation Part 2. Recognize that Scripture is not the result of humanity reaching up to God in curiosity, but God reaching down to us in grace.


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