What’s So Amazing About Scripture: The Video Journey


Embark on a journey geared to inspire and equip you for a thousand more through God’s Word. To access the Video Journey after purchasing or entering a coupon, simply click on the “hello” tab on the top right of the home page. You’ll automatically have access to all 30 videos to enjoy at your own pace (plus a whole lot of additional content).

Journey with a group, and get even more out of the series while paying even less. After confirming your bulk payment, we’ll send you a limited number of unique access codes for your group to log in to begin.

What’s so amazing about this journey?

It’s the 'What's so amazing about Scripture?" book, broken into thirty inspirational, 10-minute teachings that you're free to watch any time, any where.

– You’ll have access to 30 videos (each around 10 minutes in length).
– There are study guides for taking notes and reflection questions too.
– A group guide if you take the journey with others.
– Share-able posts.

Please note: Group Booking Unique Access Codes need to be manually applied. We can only do this after confirming your payment, and will send you your codes (via email) within 24-48 hours after purchase.

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